Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta and the Flood of 2013

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The goal:

To assist with communication and coordination during the evacuation, temporary housing and repopulation of several Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta properties affected by the floods.

The project:

Approximately 600 residents from three Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta properties were evacuated and displaced as a result of the 2013 floods. Residents, family and community members needed information as to where to find loved ones, and what steps were being taken to get them safely back home. Momentum Communications managed communication with the organization’s various audiences through the evacuation, temporary housing and repopulation of their three properties.

Momentum Communications’ approach was to ensure that there was consistent communication across all platforms to the various stakeholders, a task made more challenging in an environment where e-mail servers were down and residents were relocated throughout the province. As issues cropped up, we were able to mitigate concerns or facilitate interviews with key personnel as appropriate.

The result:

A strategic and measured approach to issues management included internal and external communications through traditional and social media.

Through collaborative efforts that spanned several weeks, we were able to ensure that residents were offered temporary shelter and support, and were celebrated and cared for upon their return home. It was touching to hear people respond with appreciation to the Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta for their support during a trying time.